Dr. Nadia Dabbagh

Dr. Nadia DabbaghConsultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Senior Medical Advisor

Dr Nadia Dabbagh is the Senior Medical Adviser and Co-Founder of Camali Clinic, UAE.

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Dr. Rasha Abbas

Dr. Rasha AbbasConsultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director - Abu Dhabi

Dr Rasha Abbas is the Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director at Camali Healthplus Abu Dhabi.

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Dr. Kusay Moosa Hadi

Dr. Kusay Moosa HadiConsultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Medical Director - Dubai

Dr Kusay Hadi is the Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Medical Director at Camali Clinic, Dubai.

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Dr. Fareeha Amber Sadiq

Dr. Fareeha Amber SadiqConsultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Fareeha Amber Sadiq is the Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Camali Clinic.

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Clinical Psychologists

Dr. Jessica Lee

Dr. Jessica LeePsychologist

Dr Jessica Lee is the Clinical Psychologist at Camali Clinic.

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Dr. Haneen Jarrar

Dr. Haneen JarrarCounsellor

Dr Haneen is the child Psychologist, Counsellor and Director of the School Readiness Programme at Camali Clinic.

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Carolyn Yaffe

Carolyn YaffeCounsellor

Carolyn is a Clinical Social Worker and CBT therapist with considerable experience in providing clinical therapy to adults, children, and adolescents from a culturally diverse and socio-economic background

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Speech and Language Therapists

Rahaf Bizreh

Rahaf BizrehSpeech and Language Therapist

Rahaf Bizrah is the Head of the Speech and Language Department at Camali Clinic

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Andria Calicchio

Andria CalicchioSpeech and Language Therapist

Andria Calicchio is a Speech and Language Therapist at Camali Clinic

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Hélène Malik

Hélène MalikSpeech and Language Therapist

Hélène Malik is a Speech and Language Therapist at Camali Clinic

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Autism/ Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

Lauren Connelly

Lauren ConnellyHead of ABA Services

Lauren Connelley, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), is Head of ABA and Autism Services in Camali Clinic. Lauren graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Heath Sciences in 2008.

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Rasha Al-Hejailan, M.A., RBT

Rasha Al-Hejailan, M.A., RBTBehavior Analyst

Rasha is a Bilingual Lead ABA therapist at Camali Clinic and is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). She received her Masters degree in Autism Studies from the University of Kent (Canterbury, UK) and her BSc in Biomedical Sciences - Genetics (Honors) from King’s College (London, UK).

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Iqra Naveed

Iqra NaveedBehavior Analyst Technician

Iqra is an ABA Therapist and School Readiness Programme Coordinator at Camali Clinic. She completed her BA Psychology and Criminology at University of Westminster, London, UK .

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Bayan Bustami

Bayan BustamiBehavior Analyst Technician

Bayan Bustami is a Behavioral Therapist and ‘School Readiness Programme’ coordinator at Camali Clinic, currently working towards becoming a board certified behavior analyst assistant.

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Occupational Therapists

Rindala Semaan

Rindala SemaanPsychomotor Therapist

As a Senior Therapist, previously head of a Psychomotor department, with 10 years’ experience in her field.

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Clinical Dietician

Lina Doumani

Lina DoumaniNutritionist

Lina Doumani Khalil has been involved in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics for almost twenty years. Her experience covers all areas of Diet and Disease Therapy .

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Mental Health Nurses

Bernice Aballe

Bernice AballeNursing Assistant

Bernice undertook a Bachelors in Nursing in the Philippines and gained experience as a clinic nurse supervisor in a Japanese based Medical tourism company and health clinic in Cebu Doctors University Hospital in the Philippines,

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Valuable Team Members

Rania Kamal

Rania KamalClinic Manager

On joining Camali, Clinic Manager Rania brings over 7 years of experience working in Quality Management within the healthcare sector.

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Mohammad Nadeem

Mohammad NadeemFinance Manager

Mohammad is the Finance Manager of Camali Clinic and is a qualified Associate of Certified Accountants (ACCA)

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Rebecca Muting’a

Rebecca Muting’aHuman Resource Manager

Hanadi Ghanchi Dar

Hanadi Ghanchi DarBusiness Head of ABA Services

have over 13 years of overall experience and 8 years of experience working as an entrepreneur, developing, restructuring, running programs within the healthcare sector.

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Riza Sahagun

Riza SahagunFront Desk Officer & Administrator

Arsenio Salvador

Arsenio SalvadorClinic Organiser